جـرافــيكـــــا برامج جرافيك و فلاش وفوتوشوب وتعليم الخ..

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قديم 02-12-2010, 02:55 AM
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 الصورة الرمزية mondial2007
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2006
المشاركات: 51,824
معدل تقييم المستوى: 10
mondial2007 will become famous soon enough
02222255 برنامج مصمم لإستعراض وتحرير الصور للكاميرات بسرعة وسهولة كاملا Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 4.6.3

برنامج مصمم لإستعراض وتحرير الصور
برنامج مصمم لإستعراض وتحرير الصور

برنامج مصمم لإستعراض وتحرير الصور للكاميرات بسرعة وسهولة كاملا Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 4.6.3

برنامج مصمم لإستعراض وتحرير الصور

Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 4.6.3 | 27.3 Mb
يعد هذا البرنامح أقوى مستعرض للصور
لما يمتاز بالقدرة العالية على العثور على أى صورة على جهازك
ويمتلك ذاكرة عالية ويعطى الصور أعلى جودة على الاطلاق
ويعرض كل أمتدادات الصور ومتخصص فى صور الكاميرات
Camera Bits Photo Mechanic is a Photo "browser" designed with speed and ease of use in mind. You can call it a "photo editor" as well. But unlike other Photo editing programs that are designed to work with one Photo at a time in order to edit its pixels, Photo Mechanic is designed to work with groups of photos together in order to manage them. Professional Photo editors who handle lots of photos daily, often under deadline, understand this distinction. Their job involves selecting photos, not selecting pixels.

Photo Mechanic takes the work out of workflow
Fast Sort — Photo Mechanic helps you quickly find your best shots. Custom sorting methods are available for your particular workflow. Multithreaded software works in the background to keep ahead of you, so images appear blazingly fast. You can view your originals full screen, compare similar shots side by side, delete the bad shots, tag photos while watching a slide show, and sort your keepers into multiple folders.

Fast Workflow — Work with batches of Photos to:

Photo Mechanic's powerful Ingest utility lets you copy images from several flash cards simultaneously, flatten the directory structure, apply IPTC metadata (City, State, Photographer's name, Copyright, etc.), create a backup on a separate hard drive and rename your files — all in one step! The ability to open a Contact Sheet during ingest allows you to start editing your files immediately, no more having to wait until the copy process is complete.

You can quickly rotate, preview, copy, delete, tag, watermark, rename, resize, and add IPTC meta-data to photos both individually and in batches. Adjust capture dates and times, change a files resolution, or embed an ICC profile into your JPEGs. Lock previews and pan them around together to compare details efficiently. Manually arrange photos in an arbitrary order, including across multiple folders.

Photo Mechanic makes it easy to add common "IPTC" (or meta-data) information (like city, state, keywords, and caption) to groups of photos at once. Reduce time and improve accuracy when captioning files by using the Code Replacement feature.
Create web galleries, print contact sheets, transfer photos to an FTP server or upload them to an online service such as Photo****ter. Send photos to your clients via email, or archive your keepers by burning them to CDs or DVDs.

Configure it your way - Put image meta-data to work to customize your results. Do you want to include shutter speed, aperture and caption information with your prints or web page (and sometimes the date and city, but never the time)? Rename files by photographer & state? Sort photos by city or date? Automatically convert the color profile for web photos so they look their best and stay small? Configure your own preferences or stay with the friendly defaults.

Additional Features:
• Rotate your JPEG files without loss of quality.
• Display file Exif information.
• Tag your files during a slideshow presentation.
• The Structured Keywords feature uses a hierarchically arranged controlled vocabulary (CV).
• Use the Show Map command to plot a Photo with embedded GPS coordinates in a window using Google maps.
• Sharpen thumbnails for display.
• Full support for IPTC4XMP core specifications — UTF-8 character support.
• Assign a Color Class or 5-star rating.
• Inline spell checking helps you create accurate IPTC captions.
• Write IPTC captions in your choice of ********.
• New customizable multi-line thumbnail labels

Photo Mechanic Version 4.6
The latest Photo Mechanic Version 4.6 incorporates many improvements including:
Live Ingest for importing photos from wireless or tethered shooting;
Embedding of GPS coordinates in photos individually or in a batch using GPS log files;
New Upload templates including Secure FTP, Amazon S3, DF Studio, ExposureManager, Flickr, Gallery 2, SmugMug, and Zenfolio;
A Convert RAW to DNG command for convenient access to Adobe's DNG format converter;
New Exporter templates for Goggle Earth, Soundslides, and HTML or Flash slideshows;
A loupe tool in the Contact Sheet view;
**** auto-completion to speed-up captioning;
File upload status indicators in the Contact Sheet;
Enhanced Code Replacement allowing multiple replacements for each code;
An auto-advance after tagging feature in the Preview window

What's new in version
* Improved support for the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV model.
* Fixed problems with soft crops in RAW files not showing correctly, primarily with DNG files that have a cropped preview generated by DNG Converter and Nikon NEF files saved by Capture NX 2 with a rotation or crop applied.
* RAW files with existing Photo Mechanic end-of-file preferences will be updated as necessary regardless of setting to "Allow RAW (non-DNG) files to be modified" (so that the existing data doesn't become "stale").
* Fixed a bug in the Save As dialog where the root save folder path wasn't being saved and restored properly in the preferences.
* (Win) Tag/Rating/Color Class advance to next Photo in Preview window now works properly and updates the info **** and histogram.
* (Win) Fixed Arrangements issue when reusing Contact Sheet tabs.
* (Mac) Loupe tool now works for RAW files that contain no embedded JPEG preview as long as ImageIO supports them.
* (Mac) Fixed Tooltip "ghosting" issue.

Photo Mechanic for Version 4.6.3, released February 08, 2010.

- Live Ingest now processes RAW files, including RAW + JPEG pairs. You can have the ingest process wait for RAW + JPEG pairs when using the sequence variable to keep the RAW + JPEG pair synchronized for renaming etc, or just have it process JPEG and RAW files as soon as they are "stable" (i.e. file is done transmitting and can be moved). Because RAW files are large and have a proprietary format, they are not considered "stable" until they remain unchanged for a period of time (e.g. 30 seconds). You can set a time delay to wait before these "non-JPEG" files are considered stable. The faster your wireless or tethered connection, the shorter the delay you can safely set, but a stalled connection lasting longer than the delay setting may result in image corruption.
- Fixed a hanging bug in the Import GPS Coordinates command.
- The Live Slideshow now includes options to redisplay previously shown photos after some period of inactivity.
- FTP and SFTP uploader templates now handle destination folder paths with in such a way that attached files (e.g. XMP and WAV sidecar files) will end up in the same destination folder as the Photo they belong to. Also, using variables like now return the path to where the original image resides.
- Star Filter and Color Class Filter now respond correctly when multiple contact sheet tabs are open and one of the tabs is closed.
- Launching multiple photos with Photoshop Elements 7 & 8 now work correctly.
- Save As now has limits to the size of saved files in order to maintain stability. Images can be saved at 8000 pixels on a side, maximum.
- Added preference to control whether Structured Keywords will be written only to the lr:hierarchicalSubject field or if they will be written to both the hierarchicalSubject field and dc:subject field when updating XMP. All keywords, flat or structured will be always written to the IPTC keywords field since there is no other place to put them in IPTC.
- The Amazon S3 uploader template now allows '-' (hyphen) characters in the destination path.
- Fixed a crashing bug when adding GPS coordinates to TIFF files or TIFF-based RAW files. This only happened under certain conditions and did not corrupt the files.
- Fixed a crashing bug when removing Exif info but not XMP under certain circumstances.
- Improved handling of low memory conditions.
- Added the ability to utilize a proxy server when activating Photo Mechanic during registration. On a Mac the proxy settings can generally be retrieved from the system preferences. On Windows the proxy settings must be put into a **** file and saved in a ******** depending on your version of Windows. Please consult the manual for full details.

Home Page - http://mayfotaksh.com/54201

Download links:


برنامج مصمم لإستعراض وتحرير الصور
برنامج مصمم لإستعراض وتحرير الصور

fvkhl[ lwll gYsjuvhq ,jpvdv hgw,v gg;hldvhj fsvum ,si,gm ;hlgh Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 4>6>3

mondial2007 غير متصل  
رد مع اقتباس
قديم 02-12-2010, 08:44 AM
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 الصورة الرمزية Audy_23
تاريخ التسجيل: Jul 2008
الدولة: Egypt
العمر: 29
المشاركات: 23,914
معدل تقييم المستوى: 32
Audy_23 will become famous soon enough

تسلم ايدك يا باشا علي المتابعه
Audy_23 غير متصل  
رد مع اقتباس
قديم 02-13-2010, 11:51 PM
ابن بريدة
أعضاء مسجلين
عضو جديد
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2009
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المشاركات: 11
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